You are helping families fight against hunger!

You’ve taught families how to grow enough food

7-year-old Minalla often went hungry and used to cry to her mother, Halima, for food. But, generous Canadians like you changed everything and Halima was given seeds and tools to start home gardening. Now she grows corn, beans and vegetables and can provide meals for her family. But there are many more families who need your help.

I want to help fight hunger
African women removing weeds from her vegetable garden

Families in Uganda face hunger and lack of food

1 in 2 families will go hungry because they don’t have enough food.

Unpredictable rains and pest outbreaks destroy many crops, resulting in low yields.

Nearly 7 out of 10 families skip a meal from a lack of food.

Ugandan school children holding green plastic cups filled with poridge

Give families food and hope this Thanksgiving

Just as it is in Canada, family means everything in Uganda and many families have been struggling to grow enough food this fall.

This Thanksgiving, families in Uganda need your help so they can share healthy meals together.

I want to help fight hunger


From helping families start gardens at home, to teaching parents how to grow more food, to giving children the nutrition they need, your gift today will help families fight against hunger this fall. Will you join us?