828 million people do not know where their next meal will come from

Join us today to provide children with urgently needed food

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The food crisis in Canada

With food prices on the rise your support is needed more than ever

Food prices are up over 11% across Canada this year.

In Indigenous communities, food prices were already 2.5 times higher than the national average.

52% of First Nations households with children have difficulty putting enough food on the table.

You donation will help build
resilience in Canada

With the help of our donors, last year we delivered/supported:


school meals


children, adults and Elders



School Nutrition


children fed

Local Food Systems


people involved

Land-Based Education


people engaged

Nutrition Education


people trained

Give today to help us support more children and families

You can help children like Zoe in Canada grow food and learn to eat from the land.

"I've also learned a lot about food that grows within our native lands. I enjoy harvesting wild foods like leeks, morels, puffballs and apples. I also like to go partridge hunting with my Papa. Sometimes, we are able to give some of the food that we’ve gathered to other people in the community"
- Zoe, 14, Canada

The food crisis internationally

With more people going hungry your support is needed more than ever

Global food prices are up 80%, this is due to the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, climate change, economic conditions, and conflict.

828 million people were affected by hunger in 2021.

Hunger is on the rise. 46 million more people were affected by hunger in 2021 compared to 2020 and 150 million more when compared to 2019.

Your donation will
inspire hope internationally

With the help of our donors, last year we delivered/supported:









people received agriculture training


people received nutrition training


1,206 NEW

new members of income saving & credit group


people received business skills/VSLA training



students received school supplies


students involved in youth groups (incl. SRHR)

Gender Equality

6,538 TOTAL

members of income, saving & credit groups

8 out of 10

are women

Give today to help us support more children and families

You can help women like Affini grow more food, increase their livelihood and help their children thrive.

“We have enough food to eat throughout the year. No more skipping meals and sometimes going to bed on empty stomach. Also, I sold some [produce] to meet their educational needs. Thus, I bought notes books, and shoes for three of my children in basic school just last month from the sale of maize.”

Making a greater impact

2,147,231 meals
Almost 3x more than the year before

Meals provided through food hampers

Meals provided through school nutrition programs

Delivering results for children

Canadian Feed The Children is an award-winning registered Canadian charity focused on food security and transforming local food systems for long-term sustainability.

We partner with 111 communities in Canada, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda.

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Give today to feed and nourish children

These are tough times. And in times like these, it's often children who suffer the most. Your donation will deliver impact for children and families and provide them with a world of hope.

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Sponsor a child to provide children with better nutrition and education while livelihood initiatives help their parents and communities to create long-term, sustainable change.

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Frequently asked questions

What are my payment options?

You can make an online donation to CFTC using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. You can also donate by calling 1-800-387-1221 between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Can I 'designate' my donation to a specific country?

Yes. The online donation form gives you the option to designate your donation to one of our five countries of operation in Bolivia, Canada, Ethiopia, Ghana or Uganda.

How can I stay up-to-date on the impact of my donation?

We invite you to listen to our new podcast, First Comes Food, where we explore the surprising ways communities are feeding children and families in the face of a global food crisis. Donors also receive our monthly eNewsletter highlighting the latest success stories ‘from the field’. You can also come online whenever you like to read our blog or download donor publications.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my charity donation?

Yes, all charity donations to CFTC are tax receipted. When you donate online, you will receive an immediate charitable tax receipt in PDF format by email. When you donate by phone, you can choose to receive an electronic receipt or have one mailed to you, usually within two weeks. Canadian Feed The Children’s charitable registration number is 11883 0983 RR0001. See the Government of Canada’s policy statement for charitable tax receipts for more information about charity tax receipts.

Is Canadian Feed The Children affiliated with a specific religion?

Canadian Feed The Children has no religious affiliation. While we may work with local partners who are affiliated with a specific religion, we are dedicated to helping children regardless of their race, religion or gender.

Does Canadian Feed The Children belong to a 'parent' organization?

Canadian Feed The Children was founded in Canada in 1984 as an independent international development agency and we still remain that way today.

Give today to help us support more children and families

First Comes Food

A podcast by Canadian Feed The Children

First Comes Food is a podcast that explores the surprising ways communities are feeding children and families in the face of a global food crisis. Join us on our journey through Indigenous food forests in Saskatchewan, farming communities in African countries and early childhood community programs in Bolivia and meet the people who are growing food security for everyone. Listen to the first episode below.

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